Thursday, June 07, 2012

Are you an “intrapreneur?”

Thanks to Mike Plotnick (@SomeChum) for tweeting this link. Different than entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg; intrapreneurs are people who have an entrepreneurial streak in their DNA, but choose to align their talents with a large organization in place of creating their own. I like to think I fall into this category, albeit on a much smaller scale than people mentioned in the article from Ford, Intel, Dell and others.

Move Over Entrepreneurs, Here Come The Intrapreneurs
By David Armano, executive VP, Global Innovation & Integration at Edelman.

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HOK Product Design

On a similar note, in my time with HOK, I have always been impressed with the somewhat low-profile business within the firm that designs their own products. HOK Product Design was founded in 2009 and is an “independent business that engages designers who use design thinking to create innovative products for the built environment.” It has the “unique ability to draw on the knowledge, research and evidence-based data available within HOK as well as the firm’s leadership in strategic planning, workplace consulting and sustainable design.”

Some of the innovative products that have come out of this group include Full Circle®, a continuously curved luminaire concept manufactured by Winona Lighting, Balance Beam, a grab bar with touch activated LED lights manufactured by Cooper Lighting IO division, and Gather, a collaborative furniture line manufactured by Allsteel.

There are many other products ranging from recycling systems, to coping, to wall/curb rain gardens – all designed by talented team members working on HOK projects! Please hop on over to their website and peruse the product offerings. You can even submit your own idea.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

SimpleBIM, IFC and COBie Commentary

I haven’t seen Martyn Day in quite some time, but I still miss his wit and warm UK hospitality! Over on, he has recently penned a article that addresses a neat tool called SimpleBIM from Finnish developer Datacubist.

Read “SimpleBIM” by Martyn Day

In the article, Martyn shares his thoughts and discussions about some of the realities of implementing open standards such as IFC and COBie in the industry today. I’ll be talking about these very subjects at my “Building Smarter Models” presentation at the Revit Technology Conference later this month in Stone Mountain, GA.

Simplebim-bangI have recently downloaded the free 30-day evaluation of SimpleBIM and so far, I am impressed with it’s flexibility. It even has a bit of a stress reliever in the software…look for the BIM Bang panel in the 3D ribbon and get ready to laugh…

Friday, June 01, 2012

Model-Based Code Review

I’m excited to share two recent articles with you that signal the beginning of a real shift in the utilization of BIM in the facility industry. First is an article summarizing the joint effort of Fiatech, the International Code Council, Target, Solibri and Avolve Software.

Making the Case for Automated BIM Review article by Tom Sawyer

The proof of concept phase of this project, known as AutoCodes, was completed with code authorities from 13 jurisdictions in the United States reviewing identical sets of 2D building plans. The first manual review pass took several hours on average and yielded an astonishing discrepancy in results. The second pass utilized an open standard (IFC) BIM file passed through model checking software. In addition to only taking a few minutes to run, the results were perfectly consistent in all jurisdictions. Even if there are discrepancies in the model – such as spaces being classified incorrectly – such discrepancies are immediately brought to the attention of the code reviewer and become part of the audit trail during the review. You can download the proof of concept report here.

The second article is essentially just an announcement that the first BIM-based site safety plans have been approved by the New York City Department of Buildings:

NYC Department of Buildings Approves First Three Dimensional BIM Site Safety Plans

NYC DOB has created a program to review 3D models representing site safety plans. From their website:

“The program enables the Department to virtually tour sites and see step-by-step how a building will be built and visualize its complexities and challenges. Under the program, site safety plans are digitally submitted, amended and reviewed, improving the compliance review process and accelerating the approval process like never before.”

What’s the difference between NYC’s approach and the AutoCodes project? NYC DOB is primarily using BIM data as a different means of visualizing the required information. As of now, they are not using any automated means to validate the plans and they are not using any open model standards (IFC). On the other hand, AutoCodes will utilize open standards and has the added benefit of turning the International Building Code into a series of computable rule sets that can be implemented in other model checking platforms.

Fiatech Video Presentation–AutoCodes proof of concept