Saturday, December 03, 2011

BIM Content for Revit

This post contains a listing of known websites hosting content for Revit. We’ll try to keep this post updated as sites change or new ones are created. This information was partially compiled from Mario Guttman’s AU 2011 class “Revit Family Counseling” (visit Mario’s own site for custom Revit tools).

Manufacturer’s Content

Autodesk Seek – content aggregated by Autodesk; contains default Revit families as well as manufacturer-specific content, low to moderate quality control; content in a variety of formats, search can filter for specific formats; free, no registration required.

ARCAT – generic and manufacturer-specific content; modeled by ARCAT, high quality control; free, no registration required.

bimstore – manufacturer-specific content; modeled by bimstore, high quality control; free, registration required for downloading content.

SmartBIM – manufacturer-specific content; modeled by SmartBIM, high quality control; free, no registration required.

Sweets – manufacturer-specific content, modeled by manufacturers, quality control unknown; various formats, can’t filter by format type; free, registration required for download; much of the 3D content is in SketchUp format.

RevitComponents – manufacturer-specific and general content, mostly modeled by site author; quality control unknown; free, registration not required.

ArcXL – Revit and CAD details (2D); drafted by ArcXL, quality control unknown; free, registration required for download.

Content for Sale

Broutek – buy and download content; purchase content credit packs which range from $32 to $60 per credit; content custom made by request/payment.

PinnacleCAD – custom content creation for fee; samples available.

Yellowbryk – premade Revit content and custom content services.

RevitBay – premade Revit content.

FormFonts – subscription site with a variety of content and formats, can’t filter for specific formats

TurboSquid – variety of general content; high quality. (Hyperlink will direct to Revit content)

ArchVision RPC – wide variety of rendered entourage; high quality.

Community Content

RevitCity – downloadable user content, no quality control; free, registration required for downloading content.

RevitForum – downloadable user content, no quality control; free, registration required for downloading content.


  1. Wow, the fact that you state that ARCAT has "High Quality Control" is disturbing.... The majority of MEP content on ARCAT is unusable! No connectors, no shared parameters for scheduling etc. Im not as familiar with their architectural content, but you should not be publicly saying they have high quality control, it is completely untrue and should be retracted.

  2. James - thank you so much for this list. I wanted to share with you a few more providers from my list:

    * - Windows

    * Cadworks - BIMXchange for MEP Content -

    * Anderson Windows -

    * iLevel -

  3. There is heaps of manufacturer content on (including MEP stuff).

    Feedback welcome!

  4. Quite a lot Revit families (community exchange) available on CAD Forum -

  5. Steve I dont know about the MEP Content but
    The Architectural Arcat Content is generaly good exept for the 20+usless parameters i delete.
    Here is a link to my List of Content Providers.

  6. You forgot to mention Design Content, Revit families for the Australian and New Zealand market, featuring ANZ manufacturers :)