Saturday, February 13, 2010

NYC Revit Users Group: Broadcasts

The New York City Revit Users Group (NYC-RUG) has kicked off 2010 in grand style.  We have featured presentations from Cory Dippold of Hatch Mott Macdonald and Ian Keough from Buro Happold.  These meetings are broadcast via the Internet and are usually recorded for future viewing.  Some people have asked me about our broadcasts and recordings, so here’s how we do it…

We use GotoWebinar to broadcast our meetings which includes phone or IP audio.  We use a Logitech USB desktop microphone to broadcast the audio.  GotoWebinar has built-in recording which has decent compression – an hour-long presentation may be around 100 Mb.  As an alternative, we can also record with Camtasia from TechSmith, but those recordings would be 300-500 Mb, depending on the production format.

Our meetings are archived on (link to our group’s recordings).  SOM still provides that account as well as the GotoWebinar account.  So far, we’ve archived all the meetings we’ve recorded.  The Screencast account is reasonably priced, $100/yr for 25GB and 200GB of bandwidth (bandwidth is accumulated within a month period).

Other Options

I have also been participating in a buildingSMART interest group in DC which uses for broadcasting their meetings.  It’s far less expensive than GotoWebinar ($10 for a one-day pass) and has free teleconference, but not IP audio (consider whether you have a good conference calling phone at your meeting site).  I don’t think they have a recording feature either.  The performance of the broadcasts is pretty good (I usually watch these sessions on my laptop over my wireless connection at home, which is 802.11n on cable ISP).

I am also looking into other hosting options for our recorded content.  Services like YouTube are for short, viral videos which doesn’t fit our model; however, new sites such as Vimeo and allow longer videos of higher quality.  Check out my new ‘show’ on  Architecture-Tech

The Breakdown

GotoWebinar:  $99/month, up to 1000 viewers in a session, unlimited webinars, IP and phone audio, recording, muting controls, registration, automatic emails, Q&A panel, audience roster, audience attentiveness report, multiple presenters/panelists  $50/month or $500/year or $10/day, up to 100 attendees, includes conference call number

BIM In Education

Here’s one of our recordings from our November 2009 meeting.  The topic was BIM in Education and was presented by yours truly along with Lennart Anderssen from BBG-BBGM.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

BIM+IPD in Chicago

Congratulations are in order for HOK's own David Ivey - Associate and BIM Manager for the Chicago office!  Randy Deutsch AIA LEED AP has posted a great review of the monthly BIM+IPD group David hosts at the HOK office.

Read the full article on Randy's blog: BIM and Integrated
or on Life at HOK.