Saturday, August 08, 2009

Laiserin on Latest Archicad

A recent posting on Architosh refers to a feature article by AEC software industry analyst Jerry Laiserin on the upcoming release of Archicad 13:

Next-Gen BIM: Graphisoft Teamwork 2.0 will revolutionize BIM/IPD workflow and collaboration

According to Architosh, Graphisoft - “as part of its new Teamwork 2.0, will introduce the Graphisoft BIM Server. This server will run an all-new, highly optimized and highly granular relational-database.”


  1. I don't know what to think/ first glance, it just seems like Revit's element borrowing. Obviously if there's a BIM server involved, it might be different. It's not clear to me how the transmission of changed data to other users works. Will you see walls and doors move on your floorplan as others make changes, on the fly? Spooky, but could be cool! Anyway, we're still dealing with a server connected to existing infrastructure. So with geographically remote offices, how is that going to be any better/faster? Isn't the bottleneck the network speed (WAN) once again? We shall see.

  2. Look interesting, but if you search the PDF there is only one mention of the word "AutoDesk" and "Revit", and it does not mention "AutoCad or "IFC" at all. So I'm sure it works great ... when everyone on the project is using Graphisoft software.

  3. AC13 uses "Delta Technology" to send changes. It directly addresses bandwidth issues by sending much less than previous methods would.

  4. The idea of the "Delta Server" is very unique to the industry and the world at large. If you have ever tried to transmit information on say a 50k data center or 100k office building across the sea, then you find that you either loose parts of the data as you attempt to receive or transmit that information or worse case you damage the file beyond repair. This is because the information that you are sending is all the information that is contained in the file. Thus with the "delta server" you are only send the necessary information that has changed when you are ready to transmit that information.

    What does this really mean.
    1) You don't need a VPN accelerator so that your files will transfer at a speed that is close to what your work machine, whether that be the field laptop or something on a dsl line.
    2) You won't need some body to capture, contain, and distribute data among your agents. This is the current state of affairs.
    3) You now have the ability to do anything anywhere and never have to worry about duplicating information or data at any point. Thus no legacy issues.

    Archicad is the most advanced software, everyone has always played catch up to it, stealing their information. If you look at the officers/managers with the organization you see an extreme understanding both in experience and education, as well as dedication and loyalty. You won't find that among your other thief softwares.

    Revit has invented no new technology, they have only stolen technology. They are barely BIM in many ways. They don't communicate well with anyone not even within their own company. Victor Varkonyi has been with the company since 1992, he was probably in high school when he started there. Thus what comparison can be made between this and any other software company on the market. None. This more than solidifies the long held belief the Archicad is the leader in the industry and has been since 1982 when it was founded.