Saturday, August 08, 2009

BIM in the Field

From Jay Zallan’s “Fear and Loathing in a CAD vs. BIM World”…

An Autodesk press release announces collaboration with Vela Systems Field BIM Software Suite with Navisworks. “This technology integration extends the building information modeling (BIM) process to the field by making it possible for Autodesk Navisworks 3D project models to reflect the state of objects within the design based on field-gathered data.”

Read more in the full press release.

Laiserin on Latest Archicad

A recent posting on Architosh refers to a feature article by AEC software industry analyst Jerry Laiserin on the upcoming release of Archicad 13:

Next-Gen BIM: Graphisoft Teamwork 2.0 will revolutionize BIM/IPD workflow and collaboration

According to Architosh, Graphisoft - “as part of its new Teamwork 2.0, will introduce the Graphisoft BIM Server. This server will run an all-new, highly optimized and highly granular relational-database.”