Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Revit 2010 Service Pack 1 Released

In case anyone hasn’t received notice yet, Autodesk has officially released Service Pack 1 (aka “Update 1”).  Use the links below to download the update from any of the product’s Download pages:

A list of the issues addressed in this service pack can be found in the following links for Architecture, Structure and MEP

Special Note:  I have installed SP1 this morning and can confirm that the previously reported network license timeout issue has not been resolved.


  1. I can confirm that the service pack did not resolve the license issue as well.

  2. Has anyone had any issues since installing the Service Pack 1 update? Revit 2010 has been crashing ever since. We are reinstalling Revit 2010; but not with the service pack this time.

    Anybody else have issues with this?

  3. It looks like Autodesk has posted a "workaround" for this as of January 22 2010. Has anyone implemented this? Any comments?