Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Revit 2010 Network Licensing Problem

I’ve discovered a nasty problem with Revit 2010 when licensed with a network license.  Autodesk’s FLEXLM solution allows for a TIMEOUT variable which we had to establish for previous versions.  This option would return a license if a product crashes without successfully relinquishing the user’s license.  This avoided falsely exceeding the actual number of licenses reported in use.  In Revit 2010, the TIMEOUT seems to be enacted when your program session becomes idle beyond the duration of the TIMEOUT.  On several occasions, I have left my desk to discuss a project with a colleague only to return and find I cannot save because I lost the network license connection.

This issue has been reported to Autodesk Support and I am awaiting a solution.  Until then, if this is happening to you…be sure to save (locally and/or centrally…sorry, synchronize with central) frequently and especially if you are leaving your desk, checking email or anything other than actively working in Revit.


  1. Hey James, this has been a feature in AutoCAD since 04 I believe. It's good to know it's in Revit now, that is if it works correctly. If you return and it timed out it should try to pull another license, if one isn't available it should give you the use extension option to save.

    You can change the idle options, here's the KB article http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/item?siteID=123112&id=3017271&linkID=9240617

    I don't recall what to change because it's been a couple years since we implemented that.

  2. Thanks Dave. It does give me the option to use an extension, but nothing happens. I'll keep you posted as this develops.

  3. Basam Yousif5/06/2009 6:41 PM

    Hey James!
    I am trying to simulate this problem but unable to.
    I know we had a corrupt license file for RST 2010 - is it possible that your RAC 2010 license file is too?
    Or can you help me simulate this problem?

  4. Hi James. I just ran across your blog and read everything. Thank you for all of your efforts!
    Also, just wanted to say "hello".
    Steve Shell
    Tucson, AZ

  5. We are getting it here too. Does it make sense to change the timeout to 4 hours or so?

  6. I'm seeing the same issue here...

  7. Thank you so much! Now I can have it installed for everyone. I thought it was very strange.

    Thanks again!

  8. I've been waiting for a solution to this problem for several weeks now...

  9. We've been having problems with this as well. I have removed the timeout which alleviates the issue but unfortunately our license count was exceeded quickly. We are now trying a 60 minute timeout value and closely monitoring the client counts. FYI, this occurs in 2009 now as well which is apparently due to the cascade of the features.

  10. I previously stated that this affects 2009 but that seems incorrect. We have come up with a workaround however.
    When you get the dialog stating there is no license available, exit it using the "Use Extension" button. NOT DEMO!
    When that goes away, go to the product and license information and note whether licensing is established. If it is, youre good and should be able to save your work. If not, try again (you might actually be out of licenses).
    Try it out and post whether this has worked for you as well.

  11. I get the message during working in Revit 2010.

    No solution found yet. :(

  12. ADSK knows (and has known for a while) about this and have said they will get around to fixing it, now we just need to know how fast (or slow) they will be on it as the extension of timeout settings is unworkable.

    Do we need to start a Union to leverage our power as a group to get actual results when we need them!!!

  13. Hello to All,
    We have the same issue at our office for Revit 2010.
    Our IT department has the timeout set to 15 minutes in the ADSKFLEX.opt file on our license server.
    We need this for Civil 3d and AutoCAD But I may have them change it to 2 hours for now until this is fixed in Revit.

  14. Instead of changing the timeout on the server, you may consider changing it on the local computer. Add FLEXLM_TIMEOUT=100000 to your system variables. This often will overcome issues where the license server resides in another office/city.