Thursday, April 30, 2009

Revit 2010 Text Tool Comparison

We have decided to upgrade one of our projects (mine) to Revit 2010 in an effort to fully understand the ramifications of the new user interface and help identify quirky things we would need to address in future training sessions.

One item I found early on relates to modifications to the text tool.  While no feature enhancements were implemented in this release, the cursor and shape editing functions have changed for the worse.  Take a look…


  1. There's a change in a program that must have come directly from the clueless department of software design. I already hate the new text cursor but I thought it was just me when adjusting the text box. I would have never imagined it was a change for the worse from 2009.

    Thanks for the video. Good demonstration of how the release was not well thought out.

  2. I don't mind that the original text appears for comparison purposes, and FWIW, the bottom of the text brace icon is where the arrow appears from. But I think they should and will change the leader placement icon to an arrow soon, if not in the next SP.

  3. I agree. In 2010 I have found that I can't type in (assuming Arial font) Alt+0216 for the "diameter" symbol because the Alt key fires up the "keytips" on the ribbon. I can cut and paste the symbol in from windows "charachter map" utility but that is way slower than just typing. This worked fine in 2009. I am not happy.