Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Material Takeoffs of Painted Areas

Revit has a handy little tool called “Paint” which is used to apply materials to surfaces of objects within the project model.  While Paint is easy to use, one must apply it with care as certain ‘paintings’ may not make much sense to the integrity of your building information model.  For example, try ‘painting’ the Glass material on a face of a masonry wall…the ‘painted’ face adopts the transparency of the material while the wall in section retains its original properties.  Now try orbiting around the wall…

RVT-Paint-1   RVT-Paint-2

The next quirk of painting in Revit should probably be addressed by Autodesk as a bug.  Let’s say we have a floor or roof object onto which we’d like to paint a thin finish material – let’s say blue tile.  In the below example, I have created a 10’ x 10’ square floor which is displayed in the floor schedule as being exactly 100 SF in area. (Click the images to enlarge)


Note the Material Takeoff in the lower left does not display any materials yet because I have set the filter to exclude material names containing “Default” – which excludes Default Floor in this case.

Next, I begin to paint the top surface of the floor with the blue tile material and the Material Takeoff correctly reflects a tile area of 100 SF.


Continuing the painting on the bottom face of the floor correctly adjusts the Material Takeoff to 200 SF:


However, when I attempt to paint the edges of the floor, the Material Takeoff does not recognize these faces.  Each edge of this 12” thick floor should register another 10 SF of tile area, but it remains at 200 SF.


Please be careful when using the “Paint” tool…in the meantime, this one will be sent to Autodesk Support.

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  1. Agreed - we avoid using Paint in Revit, because we don't get consistent information. Those 10SF add up across a project.

    Additionally, we'd really like to see "Paint" as a parameter, so that if someone uses paint, it is easy to tell where they did and what they painted with!