Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wish - Drag and Drop Browser Organization

As many of you know, the display of views in Revit's Project Browser can be customized using your own parameters.  For example, we use two additional parameters - View Type and View Sub-Type - to help our teams efficiently organize hundreds of views while working on large projects.  With these parameters assigned to views, we can sort the views in logical groups such as FLOOR PLANS, Sheet and Working as shown below.

Revit09-View Type-01

The drawback to this scenario is that the user is required to assign the values for the custom parameters by either accessing the View Properties shortcut or right-clicking on the view in the Browser and selecting "Properties" (another one of Steve's Reviteristics).  Wouldn't it make sense to allow the user to drag a view from the ??? area into a defined 'folder' and have it adopt the properties of the other views in that area?


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