Wednesday, July 02, 2008

DC BuildingSMART Breakfast

I whisked myself to Washington, DC last night in order to attend a BuildingSMART BIM Breakfast dubbed the "Renaissance Club" - in deference to the hosting location, the Renaissance Marriott.  This group meets for <early> breakfast at the Eighteen Squares restaurant within the hotel, which is a departure from most evening events such as <plugs> the NYC Revit User Group and the Metro NYC BIM Group </plugs>.   The 7:00 AM start time was more appreciated over the great breakfast buffet and down-to-earth networking.

This month's meeting featured a presentation from Kal Houhou and Kamran Charmsaz of Lessard Group on their BIM implementation experience.  I met Kal after one of my Autodesk University presentations in 2006 (I think...and if you're reading this Kal, I'm sorry for not getting a chance to say hi) and since then, he and his colleagues at Lessard have made serious progress.  They have a few divisions within their approximately 120 employee firm, of which military housing seems to be the greatest beneficiary of implementing Revit.  Let me 'splain - no, there is too much...I'll sum up - plan, plan, plan some more, and communicate with your constituents.  Spend more time in Design Development, less in Construction Documents - this is being implemented with Lessard's client contracts, according to Kamran.

I must note that again, several employees of Bentley attended this industry meeting and forced the P.C. description of "a BIM program" instead of "we used Revit." (See Phil Read's post from the BIMI Roundtable) I'm waiting for the commercials to start anyday now...white backdrop...Phil Bernstein in jeans and a sportscoat, Greg Bentley in a shirt and tie..."Hi, I'm Revit -and I'm Bentley!"  Nothing personal guys, we have had decent success integrating Bentley Structural models into our Revit Architecture models; however, I'll save my rant about Bentley and AutoCAD interoperability for my next post.  Stay tuned.

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