Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Design Blogs

I'm happy to include links in my sidebar to two new design-influenced blog sites, although I hesitate to use the term 'blog' as these sites provide so much more content.  First is a site produced by Ajmal Aqtash, a close colleague of mine at SOM.  His site is dubbed "CORE.FORM-ULA" and is focused on developing and monitoring the curricula of leading design schools utilizing the latest digital tools.  Currently, CORE is collecting data and collaborating with Pratt School of Architecture, the Product Architecture Lab at Stevens Institute and U Penn School of Design/School of Architecture.


Second is a newer addition produced by David Fano of SHoP Architects, a site dubbed "Design ReForm.net".  "Design ReForm is meant to be a source of information for the integration of design and technology. The ambition of Design Reform is to publish tutorials and explorations in parametric modeling with softwares such 3ds Max, Revit, Maya, and Rhino."

David has been regularly uploading brief, but descriptive and laid-back tutorials on Revit, Max and Rhino (including Explicit History!).  He is also teaching a class at Columbia University and sharing his students' work (primarily in Revit) within his site's Forum area.  Be sure to check out the class "ReThinking BIM."


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