Friday, January 12, 2007

The PDF Killer?

DWF (Design Web Format) has been around for some time and is about to gain some traction. I first heard the news at Autodesk University, but it's gradually making its way out into the news...

Cadalyst's Sara Ferris reports:

"DWF files published to the XPS specification can be automatically opened and viewed using the XPS viewer built into Windows Vista, Autodesk reports... Microsoft will also release a stand-alone viewer for use in Windows 2000 through Vista. XPS Viewers will also be available for Mac, Linux and UNIX platforms."


  1. I've also heard that PDF has or will have an XPS format... so we can all have a grand time.... :)

    I guess this means we can export BIM data in DWF, print our specs to PDF, and give it all to the contractor (oh wait, half of them are probably still using Windows 98...) Just kidding. Hopefully this XPS thing will make it easier to distribute data, but honestly I don't think people are going to rush to Vista. (I'm certainely in no hurry)

  2. It is not that PDF will have an XPS format - one can convert an XPS file into a PDF file. Perhaps you heard that Adobe has an XML (not XPS) representation of a PDF - that is Adobe Mars.