Monday, January 29, 2007

e-SPECS Implementation Part 2

As I've mentioned in my first post about e-SPECS, connecting the design model data to the specifications is all about the Uniformat assembly codes. Well, most of my time for the next month or so will be spent combing through our entire Revit library...making sure every family and type within each family references the appropriate assembly codes set forth by our specifications department. They have completed customization of the Uniformat assembly codes and I have to make sure their new codes fit into Revit's list. Let's discuss that, shall we?

The Assembly Codes Revit uses are read from a text file located at C:\Program Files\Autodesk Revit Building 9.1\Program\UniformatClassifications.txt.

The file is simply a tab-delimited text file which can be opened and edited in Excel. Remember to make a backup copy before you begin editing...just in case. The file consists of the assembly (Uniformat) code in the first column, description in the second, grouping level in the third and the Revit category codes in the fourth. Huh? Those codes don't make any sense, do they?

Notice, when you select an object to edit its properties in Revit (for example, a floor), the assembly codes are filtered to only show those codes related to floors. Drop the pull-down at the top of the dialog to show "All Categories." The filters come from the codes in the fourth column. Here's how they break down:

-2001000, Casework
-2000038, Ceilings
-2000100, Columns
-2000011, Curtain Panels
-2000171, Curtain Wall Mullions
-2000023, Doors
-2001040, Electrical Equipment
-2001060, Electrical Fixtures
-2000032, Floors
-2000080, Furniture
-2001120, Lighting Fixtures
-2001140, Mechanical Equipment
-2001180, Parking
-2001360, Planting
-2001160, Plumbing Fixtures
-2000126, Railings
-2000180, Ramps
-2001220, Roads
-2000035, Roofs
-2001260, Site
-2001350, Specialty Equipment
-2000120, Stairs
-2001330, Structural Columns
-2001300, Structural Foundations
-2001320, Structural Framing
-2001340, Topography
-2000011, Walls
-2000014, Windows

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