Friday, December 01, 2006

Autodesk University - Day Two

Now the fun begins. For those who have never attended AU before, they are now realizing it's far from fun and games - it is hard work, but very rewarding.

6:00 AM - Rise and shine! I have to say...the Venetian's alarm clocks are the trickiest I've seen yet.

7:00 AM - Gather the SOM team and head off to breakfast. So how do you feed close to 8,000 hungry attendees? Think airplane hangar! Venetian breakfast=delicious! Staff=Efficient and quite courteous.

8:00 AM - Tuesday's activities began with the Keynote Presentation on the Main Stage by Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and the entire presentation can be viewed as a screencast here. We were treated to some unique customer perspectives and demonstrations during this presentation - a departure from previous years. Watch the screencast to check out cool uses of technology such as a highly detailed digital model of a 36 square kilometer chunk of London by GLM, the use of IMOUT in the military, PB Co. 39's 3-D presentation (including kooky glasses!), and acheiving LEED Platinum for modular residential construction, Digital Mockup and Alias for automotive design.

10:30 AM - Class #1: Basics of the Revit API

Kudos to Danny Polkinhorn for bringing forth some new, refreshing content to his second year presenting this important topic. In addition to the standard fare of getting your feet wet with the Revit API, Danny shared some examples of useful external tools such as exporting element data to Excel, modifying it and re-importing the data. This has the potential to really help those large-project Revit teams.

1:30 PM - What is buildingSMART?

Informative session by Mario Guttman (HOK) and Frank Moore (Autodesk) covering the meaning of the term "BuildingSMART" - a term coined by the Int'l Alliance for Interoperability. [More info later.]

3:30 PM - Overview of Microsoft Office 2007

I went a bit off the beaten path to take in some information on the latest Office software. Saw some neat new productivity enhancements to Word, Outlook, Excel, One Note and othe tools in the suite. Well worth further investigation.

6:00 PM - Time to rehearse

As a three-time AU Speaker, I've learned the benefits of being prepared and ensuring a predictable demonstration. With that, I hunkered down with my co-presenters Chuck and Bob to ready our classes for Wednesday and Thursday.

7:30 PM - AUGI Beer Bust

Each year, the AU Exhibit Hall opens with the AUGI Beer Bust. Food and spirits share the floor with exciting booths from Autodesk-collaborative vendors representing all the industry divisions.

9-ish to ??? - Catching up with the gurus. I happened to bump into old AU friends and fellow gurus and decided to catch a late meal at the Grand Lux Cafe. Jim Balding, Steve Stafford, Scott Davis, Steve Schell, Cathy Hadley and Mario Guttman had me reminiscing of AU's past...always worth the lost sleep! Finally back to catch the last few numbers from Dr. Ruth - AU's favorite band. Jamming out to Kansas, Journey, and...Wild Cherry! What a blast. I'm tired, time for bed.

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